Pitbiking with 94 RIDING DAYS

Terms and conditions

  • No race mufflers! The maximum volume, even when driving, is 98 decibels. For measurements above 98 decibels an immediate disqualification follows! No refund of fee!
  • Only 10″ and 12″ machines allowed!
  • Wear motorcycle protective clothing: full face helmet, leather suit, gloves, motorcycle boots, back protector!
  • Parking only in large parking lot outside. No entrance possible!

Track info

  • Electronic timekeeping (three sectors)
  • Traffic light control
  • Floodlight
  • Race tower
  • 1063 m track length
  • 10-12 m track width
  • Maximum grip and top speed
  • Long straights and fast corners
  • Wide track for numerous overtaking opportunities
  • Recent safety standards