Jonas Folger



#IDMSuperbike: Hard earned pole position in the Lausitz

  • 12.09.2020

At the unknow territory of the Lausitzring, Jonas Folger also snatched the top spot on the starting grid for Sunday’s first race there.

On both days of practice at the third stop of the shortened IDM season, the 27-year-old Yamaha rider and his team of the MGM Racing Team delivered a masterclass performance during. With no track knowledge previously, Jonas Folger was again the man to beat in every session. By Saturday’s qualifying sessions at the latest, he had gained momentum at the 4.25 km long track and therefore left no doubt about his intentions to take the third pole position in a row.


#94 Jonas FOLGER (Bonovo action powerd by MGM Racing, Yamaha YZF R1), Pole-Position – 1´38.083:

“I am super happy. We have worked hard for this pole position. As I predicted, it was not a piece of cake to get used to this track quickly. In addition, we suffered slightly technical problems during first qualifying. Although we lost a lot of time because of this, in the end we still managed to set the fastest time. In QP2 we were suddenly faced with a strategic decision whether to put in a new front tire or a new rear tire. Because of the limited tire contingent this stupid situation came up. In the end we decided to use the new rear tire. To be honest, I did not have a good feeling about because the front tire already had almost twenty laps on.”

“But in the end, it worked quite well, and I was even a little bit surprised about my lap time. This 1’38.0 gave me another boost and in the end, I wanted to go into the 1’37. Unfortunately, it was not enough because I run into some traffic on track in the last lap. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with what we achieved today. We have a good lead over the second-placed rider. This is particularly important for the confidence of the entire team. But after this turbulent day we still need to work a little on our pace for the races. Hopefully, the starts will be as good as last time, so that I can pull away immediately and in doing so to have a clean race.”

“Although this track was a big challenge for me at the beginning, we started the weekend very well. However, the condition of the track is awfully bad. I do not think it is presumptuous to speak of a mogul track here. The surface has the best years long gone. This is a nightmare for a newcomer to a track, of course, just as we had a hard time to set up the electronics because of these many bumps out there. But the track’s conditions are the same for everyone and therefore I have to praise my crew for their efforts. After a small gap in the beginning, we found our way back today and with a little more risk, we regained our position at the top. I am now looking forward to the races on Sunday, which will be a challenge in every respect. But that’s why we’re here to meet the demands of racing.”


#IDMLausitzring – Superbike Combined Free Practice Times (FT1/FT2/FT3):

1 #94 Jonas FOLGER / GER / Bonovo Action powered by MGM Racing / Yamaha YZF-R1 M / 1´39.257 (FT3)

2 Ilya MIKHALCHIK / UKR / EGS-alpha-van-Zon-BMW / BMW S 1000 RR / 1´39.407 +0.150 (FT3)

3 Florian ALT / GER / Wilbers-BMW-Racing / BMW S 1000 RR / 1´39.546 +0.289 (FT3)


#IDMLausitzring – Superbike Qualifying Results (QP1/QP2):

1 #94 Jonas FOLGER / GER / Bonovo Action powered by MGM Racing / Yamaha YZF R1 / 1´38.083 (QP2)

2 Ilya MIKHALCHIK / UKR / EGS-alpha-van-Zon-BMW / BMW S 1000 RR / 1´38.718 +0.635 (QP2)

3 Florian ALT / GER / Wilbers-BMW-Racing / BMW S 1000 RR / 1´38.838 +0.785 (QP2)


#IDMSachsenring – Time Schedule for Sunday September 13th (CET):

09:00 – 09:10 Warm-Up

11:40 Race 1 (16 Laps – 67,60 km)

15:30 Race 2 (16 Laps – 67,60 km)