Jonas Folger



Jonas Folger experienced the typical basque cuisine with “pintxos” in Munich

  • 20.05.2015

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of flight connections between Germany and the Basque part of Spain, Jonas Folger and his team were invited to the commemoration of that date in Munich last Munday. Folger, currently third in Moto2 World standings, and the team’s manager Iker Burutxaga both enjoyed an event related to the Basque cuisine, where a chef gave some tips and simple recipes to create delicious miniature specialties, that is, the so-called “pintxos”. After the conclusion of the French Grand Prix in Le Mans Circuit last weekend, our team was able to enjoy a relaxed day, where all guests could make their own creations.

Here’s the video where Jonas Folger shows his skills in the kitchen. And he did not do it bad at all…