Jonas Folger



Jonas Folger no longer MotoGP test rider

  • 07.11.2019

The 26-year-old German MotoGP rider was rejected out of the blue after a verbal agreement had already been reached with the Yamaha officials. 

After a total of five substitute rides in Moto2 class last summer Jonas Folger preferred to continue in the role as an official test rider and thus also work towards a possible comeback as a full-time rider in the premier class of two-wheels racing. Folger therefore declined offers for a Moto2 season 2020, as well as from the Superbike World Championship. Instead, he pushed for talks with his previous employer. The negotiations were already very advanced until Folger heard a different strategy from the Japanese manufacturer one week ago.


#94 Jonas FOLGER:

“This bad news has come as a surprise to me because I had a verbal agreement that Yamaha would like to continue with me and even to expand this project. We were already talking about what the test plan and other missions might look like. But then suddenly the cancellation came, although I was promised that I should receive the contract soon. It was decided, however, that their test program should again be carried out exclusively by Japanese riders. So, I was delayed for a long time. Of course, the disappointment is huge, because I fully committed myself to this project and cancelled all other possibilities for next year. What a pity, it would have been a very interesting challenge and at the same time a versatile task, which I would have been very much looking forward to. In the role of the test rider I’ve learned a lot so far. But at the moment I don’t even know how my career will continue. Many reasonable options are no longer available at this late stage.”