Jonas Folger



No further races with PETRONAS team

  • 18.08.2019

Instead of to stand in for injured Malaysian rider Khairul Idham Pawi again, the 26-year-old German wants to put his career on a firm base in the coming weeks. 

Two months ago at Barcelona, Jonas Folger returned to Grand Prix racing with the PETRONAS Sprinta Team. Since then he has competed in five races. He quickly got the taste to be a full-time racer again next year. In this respect, he will soon decide what to do next from 2020.

Before that, however, Jonas Folger returns into the role as a test rider again. Over the next two days, he and the Yamaha Europe Test Team will inaugurate the new Kymi Ring in Finland. Also, all other official test riders from the MotoGP™ manufacturers will be present at this event.


#94 Jonas FOLGER (PETRONAS Sprinta Racing, KALEX):

“After a long consideration I decided after the race in Spielberg one week ago that I’ll not to continue with the Petronas team anymore. I’ve to make some fundamental decisions about my career as a racer soon. That’s why I’ve cancelled Petronas for further races. It was my own will. Nevertheless, I want to thank Johan Stigefelt and the whole team for everything. Above all, that I was their first choice when it came to find a replacement for Khairul.”

“On the other hand, the last five races have been a great opportunity for me. I was able to start racing again without pressure. So, I got a detailed assessment of my condition. Furthermore, it was a lot of fun to work with my former crew again. That was certainly a decisive factor on my part for this temporary comeback. Therefore, once again a big thank you to the Petronas team and I wish them all the best and lots of success for the future and that Khairul will be soon completely healthy again.”